Climax 021419 Let's clear our minds from doubting God's perfect timeline of our lives. Heart's day is a reminder of God's unfailing love even through the most miserable times. Unfair is not being fair as to Fair is not being unfair. All sorts of things has it's own timing. We will not grow if we just... Continue Reading →


One of the best things a person can have; Family.

Last saturday was an amazing another family day for all of us. Our uncle Jojo came to visit us here in the Philippines before he left to stay at UK with her wife; We had our dinner at Dampa Seaside Macapal Avenue. (Try to visit there whenever you'll be here at the Philippines). The exclusivity... Continue Reading →


Alot of people here in the Philippines has their own motorcycles and that's the reason why our country looks crowded. It's very easy to get your own motorcycle here. Real quick especially when you have enough money to buy. I am never a fan of riders nor motorcycles but when I saw this Old Big... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato

This native sweet potato is so easy to make. So natural and so sweet. Cut in halves, put some water and sweet potatoes together then bring to boil. When the color changes like in the photo, it's already done. Serve yourself as many as you can! #sweetpotatoes #native #merienda #travel #Philippines

Buko Pie Phil.

Please try this when you travel here at the Philippines. One of the best delicacies you will always remember the taste when you went back to your country. Must try! #PhilippinesDelicacy #Delicacy #Travel

Sunday Love

Everyday is always a season of love. We are born experiencing it in every way. But, in every week, there's that sunday to be one of the best days to experience a multi-level love; —Love of and for family, friends, churchmates, and God—; The best of the best times to appreciate love in this busy... Continue Reading →


It's October —almost a season of Christmas. But here in the Philippines it feels like Summer. Oh Summer. If you'll ever be here at the Philippines or wanted to travel here; this you shouldn't forget to bring: A bottle of water. A refillable bottled water. Sweating in the sun aside on the gym alone? Well... Continue Reading →

Sweetened Banana (MINATAMIS)

Let's take a break from those beautiful stories for now and take a delicious taste of this Sweetened Banana or in Filipino Term, we call it, "Minatamis" Recipe. Do you know how to cook this? This has a very simple cooking procedure. Before anything else, The ingredients are: • Raw Banana - "Saba" • Water... Continue Reading →


I have a lot of friends. But I had these two beautiful best friend back from high school. Yesterday, I had the urgency to clean our room to save spaces so I decided to recheck my stuffs and have found out few of my bestfriend's letter to me. These letters are written in english because... Continue Reading →

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